Reviewing and looking back over 2012

Dear friends and members of our foundation,

Finally I managed to finish the overview and financial statements of 2012, which turned out to be as follwing:

he year of 2012 was very successful and thanks to your help and support, many of our plans came to fruition, which makes me look back over the last year with great joy.

We collected in total 13.204,48 Euros!!!

The foundation steadily becomes more known and talked about, with ’its circle gently and gradually expanding’. The amount of people who want to help and offering their support, is increasing.

Which I am very grateful for, as each and everyones imput is indispensible and what touches me the most is that every one contributes in their individual and personal way.

Be in organising a flea market, or a workshop with a little sales stall in one of our schools, be it selling goods from us (which also means carrying and lugging a lot of stuff around!!), be it organising one of my talks, offering a premises or shop and selling goods there too, or helping me to set up a market stall, do marketing for the foundation or even taking on sponsorship, overlooking our homepage or website, organising a party where we have our goods on display or last but not least supporting me with active help and advice.

Please let me express my heartfelt THANK YOU to all of you helpful Fairies!!!!!!!!!

Once again we could buy a lot of useful things this year, as well as support some people specifically.

The old-poeple’s home in Shimla we provided with 52 chairs, curtains, flooring for 24 rooms, doormats, rheumatic gel and a Gala dinner of their kind. The joy and gratitude of these elderly people was tremendous and as you can imagine, very touching.

For Christmas every single occupant recieved a hot water bottle, medicine for joint pain, rheumatic gel and tons of ‚Mannerschnitten’, our Austrian hazelnutcream-filled wafers (which are extra popular with them and must not be forgotten!!).

Unfortunately we had to cancel the eye-camp which was planned in Ladakh this summer, as my dear friend Miro Dobrodenka from Slovakia (from the Mani Foundation) join me on my travels, neither our lovely eye-doctor, due to health-issues at that time.

But we will certainly catch-up and do it this year again.

I am very happy for what we could achieve with all of your help this year, and that we could enable a good number of people with what they needed the most, and feel grateful for having been able to ease and improve their lives as much as we could.

I sincerely THANK YOU, once again!!!
Tashi Delek