Reviewing and looking back over 2013

Another year has passed and I am happy to say that it was very successful indeed!

General interest in the foundation’s work is continuously growing and attracts more and more kind people who support ‚Bridging East-West’, which I am particularily pleased about, as it is most important to me, to help and connect people around the world.

The generosity of many friends, enabled me to raise money through my lectures, through selling Tibetan goods on market-stalls, and through sponsorships - which support families or elderly people in old-people’s homes.

Many generous donations, not only made a big difference in a lot of people’s lives, but were also joyfully received.

My visit to the old-people’s home in Shimla in Northern India, was as always very touching.


The wish of some of the elderly for new shoes was realised, as we managed to purchase 31 pairs for them. Furthermore we could give them medications, as well as antiinflammatory gel for rheumatic pain.

Since August there is finally a much needed home-help in place. The costs are shared between the Dalai Lama’s monastery and our foundation, which is a huge relief and help for some of the frail eldery, who are in real need of care.

In addition the installation of Western Sitdown-toilets in cubicles with doors, was of great importance. During the summer we could install one of these on every floor, for Spring 2014 another three are in the planning. Weather-permitted the bathroom areas will also be freshly painted.

Lastly, the heating costs for the winter (gas-cylinders) were covered too.

As always the Eldery are very grateful for thatl!!!!

In Ladakh, Nyoma another eye-camp was held in August, were approximately 600 people were given eye-tests, 540 received glasses and 600 sunglasses were handed out.

I also visited the Tibetan old people’s homes in Leh – TCV Choglamsar und Nyoma-Changtang.

When I learned there is no money for fuel to heat the homes, even so it is bitter-cold in winter in these regions, it prompted me to launch the campain ‚the gift of warmth!’

And luckily it was a success as it provided finance to heat sixty room with fuel-dung!!! What joy!!!! Enough money was raised to buy additional new little stoves.


It is very reassuring to know that these people won’t be freezing at temperatures, dropping as low as minus 20degr. Celsius!!!!

A BIG THANK YOU TO YOU ALL!!!!!! Without these many donations, none of this would have been possible!!!! Thank you very much on behalf of all these old people!!!!!!!!!!!

All of this makes me truly happy and reaffirms and strengthens my efforts.

Of course, I am hoping that 2014 will continue to evolve as positively as that!!!!

Some plans for that, are already in motion; another eye camp will be held in early August in Ladakh. And I want to make sure that the eldery in old people’s homes, also will be able to keep warm next winter.

Several people from the old people’s home in Shimla have expressed a great desire to be travelling to Ladakh for the Kalachakra Teachings of his Holiness, the Dalai Lama, in ealry July. Since this Initiation is very special for Buddhists and you never know - given the age of most of the elderly, whether or not they will be able to do it another time - this trip will be financed by the foundation. Some others want to travel to Dharamsala to see the Dalai Lama, and I would love - knowing how important this is to these people and how happy it would make them feel - to make it possible for them!


My heartfelt wish is to ease the later passage of life for these people and give them a little joy and happiness. Which actually is simple, as they are so modest and humble in their expectations. That’s exactly why it so pleases me, to be able to help them and to make them joyful and happy.

I am convinced of the importance to compassionately serve others. We, living in Europe, have a highly privileged life, for which be should be grateful. It’s a great gift, which shouldn’t be taken for granted and remind us of our responsibility to help others - less fortunate that us - in whatever way possible. I believe, we can all can make a difference and that’s why it makes me especially happy that so many people support and encourage me and my work with the foundation ‚Bridging East-West’.

Once again – a massive
THANK YOU !!!!!!!