Mr Jamphel

Mr. Tsering Dorjee was told that in Delhi there is an organization that without charge, manufactures prostheses. First, we found it hard to believe but it turned out to be true.

We've been aware for a long time about Mr Jamphel need, who suffers from the effects of polio since childhood. He's asked us for help, as he desperately needs a new prosthesis.

We made an appointment for him and Mr. Tsering Dorjee accompanied Mr. Jamphel on his long journey to Delhi to help him all the way to get his prothesis. The foundation was able to cover costs of travel, overnight-stays and expenses. Even so the new prothesis was for free, Mr. Jamphel would not have been able to afford new matching shoes for them, as such expenditure is simply impossible on an income as small as his.

All the more were we pleased to be able to help Mr Jamphel!