Judith Mauritz

My name is Judith Mauritz. I live close to Vienna, have a daughter and two sons and work as a teacher.

My love for Tibet, as well as its people, has its roots in my deep-seated love for the mountains. I feel a strong bond as well as a sense of belonging to the Tibetan community.

When I visited my Tibetan sponsor child Yonten for the first time, I got introduced to the Tibetan community, living in Exile in Dharamsala in Northern India.

Soon after I decided to take absence of leave from my work in Vienna and spend a year there. The time spent there offered an immense variety of beautiful and special experiences and encounters to me, as well as the opportunity to meet and get to know the people living there. I focussed my time on teaching English and German, spending time with kids in different Tibetan children villages and studying Tibetan Buddhism as well as the Tibetan language.

During my stay I realised that the elderly Tibetans touched and impressed me deeply.

Early 2009 I started the foundation 'Bridging East-West' in Austria in conjunction with its sister foundation

in India. This foundation serves and intends to support elderly and disabled individuals, living in Tibetan Exile.

My personal wish and hope for the foundation is to build a bridge between East and West, to connect people to each other, to develop mutual understanding and respect and therefore build a heartfelt trust in one another.

Tashi Delek
Tashi Delek - Happiness and Blessing!