"A visit to a home for Tibetan Elderly in India"

The lecture, "A visit to a home for Tibetan Elderly in India" that I've held at the retirement home in Himberg, was very touching for me.

Firstly, because it was also for me a "building of bridges" between two very different worlds, and secondly because the interest and empathy of the elderly was huge and heartfelt.

I had not expected such a great interest and was surprised that some of the residents asked questions without being prompted but because they seemed deeply affected by the living conditions of elderly Tibetans in Exile.

One of the residents, for example, could not imagine that there are no cleaners in old people's homes in India.

I believe that the talk caused many of the residents of the Laurentiusheim to reflect upon their living standards and also made them aware how well looked after they are and what level of comfort they are living in.

And yet I was touched by the gesture that some of the residents generously donated some of their pocket money and really wanted to help.

I also would like to sincerely thank the whole staff team of the Laurentiusheim, who assisted me so kindly and caringly.