Please donate some shade!!!!!

Please help the old people in the nursing home Choglamsar
to make the heat more bearable!!!!!

At the nursing home for elderly in Choglamsar/Leh in Ladakh the people live in very poor conditions.The greatest problems in this area are the extreme temperatures. During winter, the cold, during summer, the heat.

The temperatures rise in the summer up to 35/40 degrees Celsius, and on the grounds of the old people’s home is hardly any shade. The elderly people suffer greatly.


There is an awning, a tarp that offers some shade, but unfortunately it is both, too small and too thin to make a difference.

Therefore, a canopy is planned, which will provide enough shade for everyone. In the oldage home live approximately 40 people. The cost of this canopy amounts to 4.060 € & so far, the foundation payed 1.300€ deposit for the purchase of this equipment this August. Another 2760€ need to be raised, so these old people will have an easier time to endure the coming summer and many more.

With any luck, this shelter can be built as early as next spring.

We are often not aware of, how lucky we are. In the winter we turn on the heating, in the summer the air conditioning. Not only in our homes but also in the car!!!

With your donation, you will not only improve the living conditions of these elderly people but make their lives easier!!!