Please give a bit of warmth!!!

Please help one elderly person, to get through the coming winter with less hardship!!!!!

At the Old-People’s Homes in Choglamsar / Leh- and in Nyoma / Changtang in Ladakh the elderly people live in very poor conditions and circumstances. The biggest problem they are facing is the cold during the winter months; with temperatures ranging from minus 15 to minus 20 degrees!

Dung gets collected in the mountains and is sold as heating material. Each room in the old people’s homes is equipped with a small stove. Yet they are of little use, if the people have no money to buy heating material!!!!

It costs 27 € to provide one person with heating material, for the whole winter.


With your donation of 27 € you provide one elderly person with a warm room for the whole of their winter!!
27 € - and one old person doesn’t need to feel cold!!!!

To cover the heating cost for the 60 rooms in question, we need the budget of 3100 € and I am convinced we will collectively reach that target!!!!!


I am happy to provide each donor with a donation-certificate!!
Please contact me either by phone or via email!!

Already now, I thank you for your gifts of warmth!!!!!