for old, sick and disabled people in the Tibetan exile in India.


Does anyone have an idea, suggestion or helpful connection, to help me find a way to transport the mountain of spectacles that has piled up, to INDIA??????
Unfortunately Austrian Airlines cannot be of further Assistance to me, thus I feel clueless of how to proceed!!

If anyone has a proposition of any kind, could you PLEASE get in contact with me!!!!

THANK YOU kindly!!

Tashi Delek

The intention of Bridging East-West is to build a bridge between East and West, to connect the people and develop understanding, mutual trust and respect for each other.

Since the Chinese occupation of Tibet 50 years ago many Tibetans have left their home country because the living conditions keep getting worse and worse. They flee to India to be able to live a free and peaceful life in exile. This is the only way to save their culture from extinction.

Bridging East-West...

...this foundation has been started with the intention to support elderly, disabled and sick people in the Tibetan community.

Bridging East-West...

Another aspect of the work of our foundation 'Bridgeing East-West' is to advise disabled people as well as to provide support for them.

How you can help...

"During my one-year-stay in McLeod Ganj I realized that it would be great importance to start a foundation helping elderly, sick, and disabled people."
- Judith Mauritz, Founder of "Bridging East-West"

The partner association Nying-Jay Yul in Dharamsala, India establishes contacts and deals with the needs of every individual there.

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