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… to help the old people in the nursing home Choglamsar.

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Newsletter September 2014: LADAKH Summer 2014!



Reviewing and looking back over 2013

I would like to present the success of our foundation in the last year.
Please click here for the details: Reviewing and looking back over 2013.



Back again!

Dear friends of the ‘Bridge East-West’,

I’m back from my long journey, having seen and experienced a lot and was gifted with many beautiful encounters and experiences, which were as always heart-warming and deeply touching. Again and again it moves me, how loving, thankful and humble these old people I’ve visited are, and how much appreciation and excitement they show.

Like every year, I’ve visited the Old People’s Home in Shimla, and once again it has been a joyful reunion with the residents; almost like a ‘Homecoming’ for me.

Because of the familiarity there is no shyness or restraint in the behaviour of the Homes-residents anymore. We’re joking around, laugh, cook together and they also have begun to tell me about their wishes.

One ‘Big Wish’ was to get shoes, which I was able to fulfil for each of them.


For next year, many of them have the ‘longing’ to see the Dalai Lama in Ladakh. Some are still fit enough to make the arduous journey to Ladakh, while others would want to see him in Dharamsala. I would love to be able to organize those trips for them!!!

In the home we financed the installation of one ‘western style’ toilet on each floor, which has become a real necessity, since the use of ‘oriental stand up’ toilets proves often to become very difficult for old age people!

The most positive news was, that finally (after two years of search and discussions), we’ve found and hired a female nurse, who helps the most fragile residents to get dressed, bathing, laundry, tidying their rooms and if necessary to use the toilet.

My ‘favourite’ grandpa, who in the meantime is somewhat between 90 & 100 years old (nobody knows exactly) is almost unable to walk unaided and is especially happy that he now, receives the help he needs!!! It was very difficult to find a suitable help in such a remote place and equally so, to arrange with limited funds of the Dalai Lama monastery (which the old age people’s home is part of), to pay for her wages. Fortunately we could come to the agreement that our organisation will financially help to contribute!! And additionally managed to offer payment for enough gas for the coming winter, to keep their home warm and heated!!!!!!!

This year the ‘eye-camp’ was held in Nyoma, a very remote area in Ladakh, near the Chinese border. Believe me, even by Indian standards it’s really ‘out in the sticks’!

Yet it is a very beautiful, scenic region by the river Indus, at an altitude of around 4000m; dream-like! One can hardly imagine, what simple and basic lives these people there, lead. I almost felt transported back into another century!

540 people received eye-test as well as prescription glasses and sunshades!! The military, ever present because of the nearby border, proved to be very helpful and even transported people from nearby villages to where the eye-camp was held. The eye-specialist was a very patient and kind man, who wouldn’t stop until everybody had been examined!!

My dear, Slowakian friend Miro, helped me a great deal, hands on as well as financially!!!


There also is a small Tibetan Old people’s home, consisting of only 17 residents, in that area, who were also provided with prescription glasses. Visiting them and seeing under what tough conditions and extreme cold these people live, left a deep impression with me.


Returning back to Leh, I re-visited the Tibetan Old people’s home, which is part of the Tibetan Orphanage. I simply couldn’t put information picked up on a previous visit, out of my mind. I was told that these elderly people suffer under the severe, freezing conditions during winter, as even in temperatures between Minus 10-20 degrees, there simply isn’t enough money for heating materials. The same applies to the other old people’s home, I’ve mentioned previously. I couldn’t help but promise both old people’s homes to provide the funds needed for heating-material for the coming winter (they use dung). It is my most sincere wish that these elderly people won’t have to freeze during the next winter!!!

Please also read my attached appeal for donations to “Give the gift of warmth”!!!!

I am very happy and content that with a lot of help of many, dear friends, I was able to realise many of my intended goals for this journey; thereby helping many people to make their lives a little easier.

Which of course leaves me to express my heart-felt gratitude to you all!!!! Without your help and support none of this would be possible!!!!




Plans for the year 2013

This coming summer we’ll be organising a huge medical camp over the course of a few days, which we are planning to hold will in several remote valleys of LADAKH.

Medical care is of tremendous difficulty in these valleys as there simply aren’t any doctors. People have to travel for long distances, either by horse or on foot, in order to receive medical attention.

This time, we intend to additonally offer general check-ups, in addtion to eye-examinations and handing-out of glasses. We will also distribute walking sticks, and we’ll make sure to act on urgent needs of medical or humanitarian kind.

We will also visit the nomades of the Changtang-Pleateau to see to their medical needs.

We are planning to provide the old-people’s home of Shimla with medical supplies and should we receive a grant from the Indian government, there are also plans to install a solar system to generate electricity.

I really hope and wish that we can realise all of our intended plans and to bring help to as many people as possible!!!!

Tashi Delek



Reviewing and looking back over 2012

I would like to present the success of our foundation in the last year.
Please click here for the details: Reviewing and looking back over 2012.



Leg Prostheses

Early January this year we could be of help again, this time providing leg prostheses for two young men.

Ngawang Tenzin Letter Ngawang Tenzin

Ngawang Tenzin is 25 years old and lives in Arunachal Pradesh. Even the long journey to Delhi was very difficult for him and meant a lot of effort. He was accompanied by his parents and was overjoyed to meet Dorjee Tsering, who he has known since his childhood, as Dorjee many years back has created and hand-made a leg prosthese for this young boy. So after all these time the two men met again, with the old prostheses long outgrown – but this time Ngawang Tenzin was provided with a brand-new, individually fitted prostheses.

Dakpa Norbu Dakpa Norbu

Also the 32 year old Dakpa Norbu from Orissa could be provided with a new prostheses.

Letter Dakpa Norbu

Let us express a very sepcial Thank You to David Otto from the US, who paid for any expenses for the two young men. The journey is far and the travel costs expensive, and the accomodation in Delhi and meals in Restaurants also had to be covered. Since there are often delays and consequent waiting periods, the expenses mount, and it simply wouldn’t have been possible for these young people to finance any of that by themselves. Therefore let us express our Gratitude for the donations, financial support and caring committment that makes endeavours like these possible in the first place!


Photopresentation "Weihnachten einmal anders"
February 9th 2011, church-hall Innervillgraten, Tyrol, Austria

Weihnachten einmal anders

It was the third time I’ve been allowed to hold a presentation in the church-hall in Innervillgraten, Tyrol, Austria and once again it was a true pleasure for me. The interest, empathy, compassion and loving support of the poeple there strengthen and empower me tremendously, in my ongoing work for the foundation.

Weihnachten einmal anders

This time the talk I gave, was a continuation of the last presentation I gave together with Dorjee last autumn and it was important to me, to show how we could utilize the donations and what we could and can achieve with the financial and practical support given.

Weihnachten einmal anders

The cozily warm Tyrolean slippers turned out to be a very special gift for the Elderly in India! Once again let me say thank you, as well as on their behalf as on my own. This time the donations will be used for the construction of a solar-system as well as the purchase of mattrasses.

Weihnachten einmal anders
Weihnachten einmal anders

I was also extra-delighted about the huge box containing 100 spectacles, which were generously donated by many. I will take each of them to India in July and promise to keep you posted about what wonderful difference each pair of glasses and each tiniest donation will make again.

Weihnachten einmal anders

Tashi Delek, Happiness and Blessings
Judith Mauritz


Photopresentation ABENTEUER LADAKH in Innervillgraten, Eastern Tirol, Austria

A journey across the two highest navigable mountainpasses on Earth

Since Innervillgraten is one of my favourite places in the world, it's been a priviledge for me to have been able to give a presentation there for the second time.

Like the first time, it turned out to be a remarkable evening. The attendance was enormous and my husband Dorjee and myself were welcomed warmly. The interest and empathy for the work of the foundation were truly impressive and the many meetings and conversations with the locals touched us both.

For many years Innervillgraten has felt like home for me, therefore I appreciated feeling everone's heartfelt warmth and kindness even more.

I was overwhelmed by the given generosity, support and help for our foundation.

The received takings of the evening will be used directly for the old people's home in Shimla, India.

In December this year, I shall be travelling with 43 pairs of seriously warm, handmade Tirolean slippers! A perfect Christmas gift from Eastern Tirol for the residents there. In additon we'll be able to purchase warm blankets from the donation of that evening.

And in a way another bridge has been built - this time between Eastern Tirol and Northern India.

On behalf of the foundation "Bridgeing East-West" as well as these elderly people, I would like to express my heartfelt Thank You for the generous suppport!!!!!

I already look forward to my next visit to Innervillgraten next February!!

MANY thanks!
TASHI DELEK - Happiness and Blessings


Workshop for Children in Innervillgraten

I was very excited when friends from Innervillgraten came up with the idea to organise a workshop for local children.

On the day, thrity kids attended, full of eagerness and enthusiasm and it turned out to be great fun and really enjoyable to work with them.

We started off with a photo-presentation about the life of Tibetan Children living in an orphanange in Exile. All of them were attentive and showed great interest.

Afterwards we printed Tibetan flags with them, painted Tibetan symbols on pebbles and introduced them to Tibetan writing. Remarkably, some of the children were instantly able to copy the Tibetan writing. It was beautiful to watch them being fully engaged with all their heart. At the end we introduced Tibetan Sound-Bowls for them to try.

It turned out to be a really lovely afternoon, where these children got to know and became accustomed to a very different culture than their own.


Presentation at the old people's home Himberg

Review of my presentation "A visit to a home for Tibetan Elderly in India" at the old people's home in Himberg.


In July I will travel to India again. This time we're travelling to a old people's home in Ladakh, as well as to some nomadic families.
Also another "eye-camp" will be organized!
Even our Indian doctor will come with us again.
I am glad that this time we have the opportunity to help people living in a very secluded area in India. This old people's home for Tibetans in Exile unfortunately gets very little support and need urgent help!!


Balance sheet for 2009

I would like to present the success of our foundation in the last year.
Please click here for the details: Balance sheet for 2009.


Back from India

I'm back from my trip to India.
Take a look at the latest Newsletter!


Christmas market in Laab im Wald

The Christmas market in Laab im Wald was a big success. The visitors were very interested in the work of the foundation, they asked a lot of questions about life in exile and showed much sympathy with the old people in the Tibetan community in India.

They especially liked the Tibetan wool blankets, wool jackets and Tibetan scarves.

Last but not least I would like to thank everyone involved for their support, contribution and generosity!