Newsletter April 2010

The Easter holidays have passed much too quick and once again, I am already back from India. As always, I’ve returned with many touching impressions and experiences. This time my journey also took me to the north of India, to Shimla, to a very secluded retirement home.

The Elderly live there in such a modest and simple way, we can hardly imagine. They’ve had no visitors from abroad for a long time and I was warmly and friendly welcomed and got indeed very spoiled!!

Once again we have been organising another eye camp. Our Indian doctor came, as agreed, and did eye tests for all 35 residents.

Some of them also had a hearing test; an entirely new experience for most of the elderly residents.

What has impressed me again and again, is how these old people are patiently waiting and how grateful and happy they are. Their contentment, their smiles and their modesty touch me time and again. To meet these people is truly special and I am very grateful for that.

All residents were given new walking sticks, and a total of 56 spectacles and 8 hearing aids were distributed.

To be able to see properly again, seemed already like a small miracle to most, the joy about improved hearing was even bigger!!

A Mola (Grandmother) laughed and cried at the same time, as she could not believe being able to properly hear again.

Another Mola (Grandmother), who was confined to her bed for the last two years, got a wheelchair.

A Pola (Grandfather) received a Rolator, which made him very happy. Furthermore, we could provide three sitting toilets, a special walking stick, batteries for hearing aids, as well as a stretcher.

This nursing home does not get any outside financial support and therefore it is normally not possible, to provide the elderly residents with such aids.

They were grateful and appreciative for the most-simple gestures, such as, when I visited them in their rooms, sat down with them on their beds, took a photo, or even just a smile.

The story of the musician Phuwang

The oldest resident (88 years old) impressed me most. He played on his homemade instruments for me.

The story of the musician Phuwang...

Before my departure, I was invited into their prayer room, for a caring and heartfelt farewell. A Grandpa was crying because he could not believe that I’ve come from so far, just to help them.

I had to promise to come visit again, a promise I definitely intend to keep!!



Tashi Delek - good luck, happiness and blessings,

Judith Judith Mauritz