Newsletter September 2011

This summer I was privileged to have nine weeks in Nepal and Northern India, full of wonderful impressions and encounters with beautiful people. Every day seemed like a gift that is hard to describe. Once again I am thankful for the touching and meaningful experience of this special time shared with so many lovely people, and the teaching it has offered to me. It feels as if every trip there fulfils me and takes me a little further along my journey of life, encouraging me in what I am doing, adding another piece to the big jigsaw puzzle of life. It’s like a dream coming true on a daily basis.

It’s difficult to pen all these impressions, since every single encounter seems so precious and valuable in itself.

Between July 3rd and September 3rd I travelled to many new places, have met so many lovely people, and was able to be of help, bring joy and learn a lot at the same time.

My stay at the old people’s home in Shimla was particularly moving, since I grew very fond of the elderly people there, who made me feel right at home. Like a big family, we daily prayed and cooked together, with an ongoing growing sense of mutual trust.

Favourite ‘Grandpa’, almost 90 years of age, has taught me to play at Tibetan String - instrument and his patience in doing so amazed me! The days there were so precious and a true gift to me.

The project for a solar powered warm water system was concluded while I was there, and was received with gratitude and brought great joy and happiness, because people can finally wash with warm water, a privilege they didn’t have before.

My journey to Zanskar valley in Ladakh was breathtaking. This remote area is of rare natural beauty and grace, in stark contrast to the hard and difficult living conditions.

The eye-camp there was a great success. In this area it is very rare that people are offered medical attendance free of charge, so the demand was enormous.

460 people got prescription reading glasses, about 300 sunglasses were handed out, a necessity at 3500m altitude above sea-level!

We also found happy recipients for 200 walking sticks, 4 wheel chairs and 10 hearing aids.

Stationary hospital aid was provided for an elderly Tibetan woman, who had a severe and infected eye injury.

We also provided eye check ups for 40 children in a local school.

The second eye-camp was set up at His Holiness, the Dalai Lama’s temple in Dharamsala. Once again the demand was huge and a lot of people were very happy about their prescription glasses.

Alltogether we handed out 1200 pairs of glasses.

Most of them stemmed from our Austrian reading glasses collection!!!!

All of that is only possible because of the many ways a lot of people help and support these projects. I think once again it worked out great and on behalf of everyone supported, I’d like say a heart felt Thank You, since non of this would happen without the help and support of a vast array of kind people.

The foundation ‘Bridging East-West constantly grows in stability and size, connecting people from different cultures, countries and backgrounds.

A huge Thank You to everyone helping to make this possible!!!

Tashi Delek – Happiness and Blessings