Newsletter October 2012

Great Joy

This year, we could once again bestow a lot of joy upon the occupants of the old-people’s home in Shimla, in Northern India.

To celebrate the occasion of Losar,their New Years Celebration, every one of them received a new mattress this spring.

In summer, we replaced all damaged and very old chairs, with new and comfortable steelchairs (more comfortable than they sound :-)).

As the region turns bitterly cold in winter, and none of the rooms has any installed heating, we decided to invest in new flooring for every room, in order to insulate the rooms against the chill from beneath the floor. In the meantime all floor-covering has been laid, which also caused another positive side-effect, as all rooms were de-cluttered and cleaned, which indeed was necessary too!!

And every single one, living at the old-people’s home, acitvely helped, hands-on, and seemed to have fun doing so, as we all cleaned and cleared and uncluttered, laughing and singing away!!!!

Naturally we all had to recharge, so the daily afternoon tea with ‚Mannerschnitten’ – an Austrian speciality, wafers with hazelnut chocolate-cream filling, turned out to be most strenghtening, as the residents found a definite taste for them, and from now on, one must never forget to bring and serve them!!! So at Christmas time, another parcel with provisions of Mannerschnitten will be most certainly provided.

In addition, all the residents received rheumatic gel for their aching joints again.

On behalf of all these elderly, dear people, I would like to express my heartfelt ‚Thank you’ for all donations, support and assistance of any kind, without, it wouldn’t be possible to be of help to them and give them such joy!

I thank you kindly!!