Newsletter September 2014

LADAKH Summer 2014

Once again I am back from a long journey, that this year was again filled with surprises, touching meetings with wonderful people and full of beautiful experiences!!!

Sometimes it is hard for me to believe, that I am able to have all these amazing experiences and how many loving, compassionate and caring people I got to know in so many different places!!!!


This summer, my travels took me again to Ladakh, where by now, I feel very much at home.

We also could organise another ‘Eye-Camp’, which was extra beautiful this year, as we could set it up outdoors, in the beautiful region of the valley Domkhar.

We travelled there, not only with lots of gear and many tents, but also with a chef and kitchen-tent! The eye-specialist, his female assistant and my dear friends from Slovakia were, as usual, present as well. In the Domkhar valley, we went to three villages, where 425 people in all, had an eye-examination, of which 310 received glasses as well as sunglasses.

In every different village, everyone came together and helped preparing masses of tea (sweet and savoury), brought various food for lunch, which we ate ‘all together’, sitting in beautiful nature and enjoyed the heart-warming feeling of TOGETHERNESS!!!

I’ve also visited the home for elderly in Choglamsar several times and the joy and gratitude of the Elderly there was enormous when, thanks to the generous donations of 3.200 Euros, I could present them with the needed money for the purchase of Dung (heating-material) for the next winter; which will provide heating for them for over four months.


As I have repeatedly mentioned before, these people have to endure temperatures between minus 10 to minus 30 degrees Celsius in winter!!!!

Contrary to that, it gets unbearably hot in summer for them, with no shade and plus 35 degrees Celsius, unfortunately no rarity at all.

The heat causes a great problem for the elderly in these homes, and all in all, the weather-conditions are truly difficult to live with, especially for people of their age.

Therefore I will initiate two donation campaigns: “campaign warmth” & “campaign shadow”!.

I’d be very pleased if I could manage to finance a canopy or roof that provides shade for the elderly people’s home!! So far, I could at least leave a deposit for that, before I left.

I do hope, that as a result these elderly people, experience easier and better life-conditions – they really deserve it, as their whole lives have indeed been far from easy!!!!!

On behalf of all of these elderly people, I would like to express huge thanks and gratitude for every donation and every kind of help!!!!! Without either, none of our help would be possible – and that is yet again a beautiful way of TOGETHERNESS!!!!!

Thank you very much - Judith