Sponsorship - Membership


Please help an old, sick or disabled person, by taking on a sponsorship.
With the amount of € 25 you can make a person's daily life much more enjoyable and comfortable.
The money these people have available on a monthly basis, is far from sufficient to provide for their rent, food and most of all their medication. The elderly, who have no children, are most affected.
To be honest, 25 € in our Western world means hardly a lot to us anymore. This thought comes to my mind, every time I pay at the supermarket till or after filling up my car at the gas station.
When you take on a sponsorship, you'll receive personal information, reports and pictures of the person you wish to support.
Since I've met many old and disabled people in exile and was lucky to get to know them during my frequent visits, it would also be possible to make personal contact with any of them, via myself or the foundation 'Njing Jay Yul'. Certainly, these people are also happy to sometimes receive a letter, a post-card or a photo from their sponsors.

If you're interested n taking on a sponsorship I'd kindly ask you to transfer € 25 per month to the foundation's bank account - a standing order would be most convenient. Please contact me by e-mail or my mobile phone, so I can send you all receipts and documents.
Should you want to cancel your sponsorship, for whatever reason, you certainly can do so, at all times. However, I would ask you, to let me know beforehand. In case the person you're sponsoring should pass over or die, you naturally and immediately would be informed and the sponsorship thus terminated.

Please be assured that the entire amount is passed on to your sponsors.


The foundation 'Bridging East and West' is also looking for new members. For 60 € a year, you can purchase a membership. This money is mainly used to cover expenses for medical aid and any incidental expenses of the foundation.
I would also much appreciate any volunteer's help, especially in the administrative area.
I'd also be grateful for any active support, such as - advertising for the foundation, finding sponsors as well as venues where talks and presentations could be held; in possible conjunction with the sale of Tibetan handicraft merchandise. This would help the foundation to successfully implement future plans, i.e. a workshop for handicapped people, etc. It would also support our aim to continue reaching other people who need our help.

I thank you most sincerely!
TASHI DELEK - good luck and blessings

Judith Mauritz
Judith Mauritz