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Giving Kindness

Working towards ensuring a life free from water crises for underserved communities.
Our Work
Pakistan is one of the world’s most water stressed countries. In fact, according to researchers, 80% of the nation faces severe water scarcity. This can be explained by rapid population growth, poor agricultural practices, and insufficient infrastructure.

Giving Kindness is a registered non-profit building awareness about poverty struck communities in Pakistan. Our mission is to provide an equal opportunity to women’s education, food security and water access. Giving Kindness is currently working towards its first water well. It is currently in the process of government permitting. At the same time, we are working on meal prep for small rural communities. See our latest work for more details.
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Our Founder, Bushra Shahid created this self funded organization as her life’s legacy. She plans on rescuing other communities afar with similar conditions.

How you can help

We ask that you help us raise awareness across current issues in Pakistan. Please subscribe to this site to get latest updates on our work